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The Road Takes A Toll

Release August 11th 2023Pre Order August 7th 2023 on iTunes/ exclusive download of 3 songs from the release before Live Streaming date! CDs will be available on release date as well if physical copy is preferred! Will be Automatically Autographed and personalized upon request!

Also $2 From Every CD and Digital Download Sold will be donated to the Waylon Sullivan Foundation, which supports the families of children with Lowes Syndrome. For More Information on The waylon Sullivan Foundation See Links Below.

New Album From Marie Norris Album Number Two delves into her personality more as is a more personal project that hits homeIn more ways than one!There’s Emotions of every kind, it’ll take you up and down on an emotional roller coaster ride.Rocking to tear jerking to pure blues and soul, this one has it all, it also represents her profound eclectic music taste! Was a joy to put it together, we hope you enjoy it half as much!

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My Favorite Quote from my favorite Person and Biggest Influence! There’s nothing more true and I do truly believe that! Marie 

Barbara Mandrell 

“ You can have a dream in life and of you go for it and don’t hurt anybody along the way and work hard enough at it you can have whatever your dream is!” The Lady Is A Champ

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Now Available Hard Act To Follow 

Second Radio Single Barbara Mandrell Tribute SongPlease Call Your Local Radio Stations To Request 

In honor of Barbara Mandrell and her 50th Opry Anniversary Celebration! To add to the festivities and the showing of appreciation and Love for this wonderful Lady. Marie released her tribute song to Barbara titled Hard Act To Follow as her second single from the album Perfume&Diesel. It’s available on radio stations and all digital platforms for your listening pleasure!

Marie has been saddened to learn that Barbara basically is unknown to most of today’s generation and more so even her very own is unaware for the most part of who Barbara is. It seems she’s slipped through the cracks and has kind of been placed in a corner to be forgotten.

After all of her accomplishments and accolades in the Country Music Industry, She Most Definitely was a pioneer for women and their being able to have more control of their career’s and even that of being a Headliner for shows across the country and selling out those shows. People seem to forget about the Blockbuster Broadway Style Performances that she basically adapted to her shows before anyone else was doing them, and not to mention the Enormously successful Variety show that she had on NBC from 1980 to 1982 which only ended due to her all around health. It seems that due to ignorance and some misunderstandings that she was blackballed in Nashville after her car accident in 1984. It caused a lot of confusion and physical and mental anguish. Some even believe that after this occurred that her success was doomed and that is agreeable due to the fact that she never really reached the hight of success that she once had, really not even close, but her desires changed as did her priority’s. That’s still no reason to remove such a cornerstone from the most important parts of the industry so that others may get to know them, we shouldn’t shun such intricate pillars for something that’s completely out of their control. So in the hopes of introducing Barbara to another Generation and many more to come hopefully. Please call your local radio stations to request this song and keep it out there for the world, maybe even Barbara to Hear! To The One Who’s Still Entertainer Of The Year Every Year, Because No One Else Is Better! She’s Simply The Best and to Quote the Song: “Barbara You’re A Hard Act To Follow!”


Brand New Music Coming Soon

March 2023

New Single Coming in March, Then a whole new album by the End of the year! So stay tuned for release dates!

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New single Released to Radio 03/21/23

March 21st 2023

New To Old School Released to All digital Platforms on Friday March17th and to Radio Stations nationwide on Tuesday March 21st!Be sure to call all of your local radio stations to request?! All of your support is appreciated!

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Coming January 7th

Breathless Alternate Version Release
To All Major Digital Platforms

Now Available On All Streaming Platforms!

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Welcome to

The official Home of Marie Norris

Marie Norris the Truck Driving Nashville Recording Artist. " Music Has Always Been A Part Of My Life, My Passion,That Makes It Easy To Share With The World And That's Makes It Worth It!"

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About the Singer

The Person Behind The Creative Process
Truck Driving Nashville Recording Artist Singer/Songwriter

Born Mary Marie Norris on August 14th 1981 in Thomasville, Ga, raised in Cairo,Ga syrup Country.
Marie knew from a young age that she was meant to be a country singer, that it was in her blood. Life happened and her dreams and aspirations got put on hold, She eventually became a Truck Driver and loved it. Getting to travel the country and see all of it's sights and be paid to do it. After 22 plus years out and away from anything music, she's back with Her First ever Album Release due out in February 2022 along with singles currently available on all major streaming platforms.

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Hard Act To Follow

Barbara Mandrell Tribute Single

This is the tribute single to the most influential person in my life and career as a Singer. It serves as a Official Thank You to the person that I consider The best there is as a person and Entertainer! Love Ya Barbara And Thank You For Being You!

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About Marie

A Dream Coming To Life In Front Of My Eyes!

Truck Driving Musical Vocal Powerhouse, Who Had a Dream That Thanks To You Is Coming True! 
There's A lot More Coming In The Near Future, So Stay Tuned!

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Want to know more about Mare Norris

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