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The Road Takes A Toll

Release August 11th 2023Pre Order August 7th 2023 on iTunes/ exclusive download of 3 songs from the release before Live Streaming date! CDs will be available on release date as well if physical copy is preferred! Will be Automatically Autographed and personalized upon request!

Also $2 From Every CD and Digital Download Sold will be donated to the Waylon Sullivan Foundation, which supports the families of children with Lowes Syndrome. For More Information on The waylon Sullivan Foundation See Links Below.

New Album From Marie Norris Album Number Two delves into her personality more as is a more personal project that hits homeIn more ways than one!There’s Emotions of every kind, it’ll take you up and down on an emotional roller coaster ride.Rocking to tear jerking to pure blues and soul, this one has it all, it also represents her profound eclectic music taste! Was a joy to put it together, we hope you enjoy it half as much!

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